Generic Drug Management Platform of Global R&D Center

Innovation is the paramount driving force for enterprise development, while products are the core of pharmaceutical enterprises. In order to meet clinical needs and improve drug accessibility, Fosun Pharma is committed to developing competitive and highly differentiated high-value generic drugs, including oral solid sustained-release preparations, complex injections (emulsions, liposomes, microspheres) in addition to conventional dosage forms, which are superior to other similar drugs in terms of safety, efficacy, quality controllability, medication compliance, technical complexity and affordability. They are also characterized by high clinical value and profitability.

  • Gland Pharma Limited

    Gland Pharma Limited is a holding subsidiary of Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. Gland Pharma was listed on the main boards of the Bombay Stock Exchange (stock code: GLAND) and the National Stock Exchange of India (stock code: GLAND) on November 20, 2020.

    Founded in 1978 and based in Hyderabad, India, Gland Pharma is a generic drug injection manufacturer with an R&D capacity for originators and drug products. At present, it mainly provides production and manufacturing services for injection generic drugs for large pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Gland Pharma is the first manufacturer of injectable drugs in India approved by US FDA, and has the drug registration application and sales capacity in the regulatory market. Its products are mainly sold in the United States and Europe.

  • Novelstar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Novelstar Pharmaceuticals Inc., founded in August 2018, is a company of Fosun Pharma focusing on the development of special pharmaceutical products of NDA and ANDA with various advanced drug delivery systems. Novelstar's current formulation and analytical development team consists of mature experts with extensive experience in formulation and process development of generics, brand name drugs, and specialty products. It owns many approved ANDAs, several 505b2s, and many US and WIPO patents and patent applications. The team members of Novelstar have extensive experience in complex product development, first generics, process scale-up, technology transfer, process validation, manufacturing troubleshooting, FDA filing, response to FDA observations, product commercialization, QbD, and product lifecycle management; their expertise covers a wide range of drug delivery systems and technologies for dosage forms of tablets, capsules, granules, liquids, semi-solid, parenteral, topical, transdermal, and inhalation drugs, as well as drugs for immediate release, especially complex slow-release and controlled-release systems.