Fosun Pharma started its innovation and R&D in 2009 and made great progress in R&D efficiency, system construction and international influence since 2017.

As of December 2020, Fosun Pharma has submitted seven IND applications and three NDA applications in the field of innovator drugs and has conducted 20 clinical trials in China since 2019. Fosun Pharma has submitted one IND application and obtained two IND approvals in the United States, including Fast Track Designation of ORIN1001 and Orphan Drug Designation of FN 1501. Fosun Pharma has conducted three clinical trials in the United States and Australia.

According to 2021 Annual Report
*Unit: RMB Million

  • 4,486 Million
    R&D expenditures in the pharmaceutical manufacturing segment
  • 4,975 Million
    R&D expenditure
  • 2,800
    R&D personnel
  • 1,500
    Personnel with master's degree or above

In China

  • 20
    Concurrent clinical trials
  • 7
    IND applications
  • 3
    NDA applications

In The United States And Australia

  • 3
    Clinical trials
  • 1
    IND application
  • 2
    IND approvals
High-tech: PCG - protein therapy, cell therapy, gene therapy, small molecule pioneering/best innovator drugs
  • Double-antibody
  • Stem cell therapy
  • mRNA therapy
  • Gene editing
Tumor/immunology, neurological disorders (chronic degeneration, stroke, etc.), chronic/metabolic diseases, infectious/rare diseases
  • Tumor/immunology
  • Central Nervous System
  • Metabolic/chronic diseases
  • Infectious/rare diseases