We adhere to the human resources strategy of "achieving a combination of personal success in careers with enterprise's growth"
To a maximum degree, we link employees' career development with our growth, binding our progress with that of personal values

Career Development Center

Mission of Career Development Center

We attach great importance to developing organizational team building and supporting personal growth. The rapid expansion of Fosun Pharma also stimulates its urgent demand to attract and reserve talent needed for its future development.

In 2009, we established our Training and Development Center. Eight years later, we set up the Fosun Pharma Career Development Center, a corporate college. It is regarded as a combination of four platforms, namely the platforms for leadership and competency training of headquarters, training base for professional skills of corporate branches, knowledge and experience accumulation, and corporate culture publicity. By integrating resources in an efficient manner, we aim to create a learning environment in the workplace to help employees improve themselves, thus continuously fueling the Group's growth.

  • Spreading Corporate Culture

  • Managing Industrial Expertise

  • Cultivating Talent

  • Integrating Resources

Functions Of Career Development Center

  • Carrying out leadership and
    competency training at headquarters

    Carrying out leadership and
    competency training at headquarters

    A platform for systematic cultivation programs. By conducting courses in junior, intermediate and senior leadership, and cultivating talent for core posts at different functional departments (investment, finance, EHS), we aim to develop an organizational team.

  • A training base for
    professional skills of corporate branches

    A training base for
    professional skills of corporate branches

    A platform for employees to grasp and promote necessary professional skills; delve into the standardized working flow, best practices and pain points of different posts; set up working skill standards for different posts, and conduct corresponding training

  • A platform for
    knowledge and experience accumulation

    A platform for
    knowledge and experience accumulation

    With a sharing platform to explore and develop the Group's cases and internal lecturers, it can transfer the untouchable knowledge into training content, and organize individuals' ideas, spreading the knowledge through training and apprenticeship

  • A platform for
    corporate culture publicity

    A platform for
    corporate culture publicity

    Inheriting and advocating the corporate culture of Fosun Pharma, it can spread the same knowledge, thinking pattern and working style shared by the ONE-FOSUN philosophy.

System For Training And Career Development

Training System of Fosun Pharma

Based on the corporate culture, we provide four permanent training programs, namely "Induction Training", "Leadership Development", "Professional Training" and "General Skills at Workplace".

Induction Training

We organize induction training with rich content for every newcomer, luncheons for senior management, and sharing sessions for alumni. Within the first three months of Induction, we will continuously pay attention to the newcomers, and help them get adapted to working at Fosun Pharma.
In 2019, we organized the "Fosun Pharma Military-style Training Summer Camp", and carried out many immersive training activities for new employees.
  • Library

  • Daily working

  • Gym

Training Feedback

  • Ms. Fu, Fosun Pharma

    A habit is useless if you don’t put it into practice. It takes one about 30 days to develop a habit, so in the future work, I will try my best to practice these working habits (listening and retelling in simple language, expressing views in a simple and logical way, observing and summarizing, reviewing regularly, keeping smiling and daring to bear the responsibility). I hope these good habits can help me make a contribution to work.

  • Ms. Lu, Fosun Med-Tech

    Through the career planning education included in the training, I knew my own characteristics, interests and values from a totally different angle, and I further understood what I want, what I can do, and what I should do in my future career. What’s more, I am less confused about and more confident in the new life starting line.

  • Ms. Bie, Chemo Biopharm

    What is a team? Man’s thought plus ants-like cooperation equals a team. When a team has a task, the first thing to do is to collect intelligence and decide on a relatively optimal plan. When the plan is made, the team should be like a group of ants to methodically carry it out under clear division.

Leadership Development

We provide management and leadership courses to those experienced and senior management personnel, which will accelerate the development of managers and leaders and reserve excellent talent for the whole company. Based on the previous Executive Committee Training, we expanded the range of trainees to all the heads of the Group's branches, building up a partnership training system. Besides, we provide basic leadership training and team-building activities for management team members with 1-2 years of working experience in Fosun Pharma and its branches.

Professional Training

Cooperating with Fosun Pharma's branches, we organize professional courses for employees in key posts and areas, such as marketing, operation, lean management, and R&D, to support their personal development. In 2019, we conducted the "Marketing Director Course", "Production Quality Director Course", and "R&D Manager Course", contributing to the Group's cultivation of department heads in marketing, production quality, and R&D.

General Skills at Workplace

A monthly luncheon is held for all employees to invite the Group's executives, heads of branches and industrial know-how experts to share their opinions on corporate strategy, best practices, hot topics, and so on. The year 2019 marked our first FoTED Lecture Program for Internal Training, and the start of a monthly training of General Skills at Workplace for all, aiming to provide professional and well-categorized training courses for employees, who can then apply the learned knowledge to their work, thus improving the personal soft skills, broaden horizons and get know new things.

Personal Development And Incentives

KPI Management

Fosun Pharma Group emphasizes “evaluating employees by their KPIs”. The design, implementation and utilization of the results obtained from the Group’s KPI management system are based on the comprehensive and objective assessment of employees’ overall performance, and are meant to improve the alignment among employees’ quality, capability, performance and functional requirements and facilitate constant perfection in terms of sustainable development between employees and the corporation.

Long-term Incentives

Fosun Pharma values “gathering people with career achievement”. The Group has established an incentive system to share development accomplishments with all employees so that they can feel a sense of success while working for the Group and be willing to devote themselves to helping it grow over the long term.

Currently, the initial framework of a long-term incentive system at Fosun Pharma Group was formed based on the properties in the Group’s business development, including the “Long-term Incentive Solution for Management”, “Incentive Stock Incentive Solution”, “R&D System Incentive Solution”, “Incentive Solution for Strategic Investment Items”, and “Incentive Solution for Pre-IPO Investment Items”. Constantly perfected, the long-term incentive system of Fosun Pharma realizes the strategic support and innovation in terms of business development.

Since it was established in 2007, the system mentioned above has been practiced by the management over the years. The current compensation and incentive system of Fosun Pharma effectively supports investment and operation strategies and comprehensively covers the Group and its branches. This system has successfully facilitated the fulfillment of long-term performance goals by the Group and its branches and helped inspire and retain talent management goals. To enhance R&D quality and efficiency, for example, it has also developed an R&D incentive scheme to mobilize and stimulate employees' initiative.