We regard human resources as the most valuable asset.

Some top talent with strong entrepreneurship gathers here with us.。
We are looking for people that recognize and practice our cultural values, and can learn fast to create continuous value; possess profound professional knowledge of the industry, a wide vision of different regions, and global-level expertise in a certain field. We will also be committed to cultivating international top talent with outstanding performance and great potential.

Eight Focuses Of Fosun Pharma

  • Customer First

    Customer First

    Focus on customer needs and help them resolve pain points by every means, in order to improve their experience and maximize customer value.

  • Entrepreneurship


    Act in good faith.Start from value creation; be self-motivated and push beyond your limits; pursue excellence and keep advancing.

  • FC2M Ecosystem Mindset

    FC2M Ecosystem Mindset

    Proactively understand Fosun’s industries, resources and personnel; be good at exploring and integrating internal and external resources to form a closed-loop at work; optimize the competitive advantages of synergies within the Fosun ecosystem.

  • Staying Innovative

    Staying Innovative

    Embrace change and hold the market in awe; resolve customer pain points with innovative thinking and promote continuous evolution of products and organizations.

  • One Step Ahead

    One Step Ahead

    Possess strategic foresight and agile execution ability; always stay one step ahead of others in everything.

  • Coopetition


    Organization has boundaries while responsibility does not. Stimulate vitality of the organization with healthy competition and achieve the ultimate goal through integration and cooperation.

  • Lifelong learning

    Lifelong learning

    Be humble and pursue lifelong learning; make full use of Fosun’s resources to quickly master and digest knowledge and put it into practice.

  • Persistency


    Set a fixed course in the right direction; endure the challenges and hardships; make time your friend; never give up until you accomplish your goal.

Our Value

  • Care for Life

    Care For Life

  • Continuous Innovation

    Continuous Innovation

  • Pursuit of Excellence

    Pursuit of Excellence

  • Sustainable Partnership

    Sustainable Partnership