• Fosun Orinove (Suzhou)Pharma Tech, Inc.

    Fosun Orinove (Suzhou) PharmaTech, Inc. is an innovator drug R&D company established under the "Partnership" between Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. and a group of overseas senior scientists including Dr. Zeng Qingping, Dr. John Patterson and Dr. Stephanie Greene. It is one of the core executive entities of Fosun Pharma to implement the leap-forward development strategy led by innovative R&D. Orinove is committed to the unmet clinical needs in the fields of tumors, endocrine, digestive, central nervous system and other diseases. Facing the global market, Orinove upholds the concept of "grafting global resources, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation, and benefiting patients" in the R&D of original small molecule chemical drugs with new targets, first-in-class mechanisms and new structures according to international standards, and has become a "unicorn" with high value and strong competitiveness in the field of global biomedical research and development.

  • Fochon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

    Fochon Pharmaceuticals Ltd., jointly established by a group of overseas scientists and Fosun Pharma and its member enterprises in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise committed to the research and development of first-in-class small-molecule targeted drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights. It is an innovation-driven and efficient operation with bases in "two countries and three regions" in Chongqing, Shanghai and San Francisco Bay Area, and continuously pursues excellence with Chinese power grafted to global resources. The eternal mission of Fochon Pharmaceuticals is to benefit global patients with high-quality new drugs. Since its foundation, Fochon Pharmaceuticals has built a significant R&D pipeline focusing on the research of innovator drugs urgently needed for clinical anti-tumor and metabolic diseases, which consists of drug candidates targeting ALK/ROS1, BCL-2, BTK, pan-TRK (1st & 2nd generation), CDK4/6, MEK, PI3K delta, pan-HER, URAT, and DPP-4.