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Training & Development

Our talent management strategy is to “pursue, harmonize and integrate personal achievement with the development of the enterprise”, where correlation between the development of each and every employee and the enterprise is maximized, and the increase in value of the enterprise and the employee is highly integrated.

Performance Management

Fosun Pharma Group emphasizes “rating people by their key performance indicators (KPI)”. The design, implementation and utilization of the results obtained from the Group’s KPI management system are based on the comprehensive and objective assessment of employees’ overall performance, and are meant to improve the matching among employees’ quality, capability, performance and functional requirements and facilitate constant perfection in terms of sustainable development between employees and the corporation. The Group accesses the management teams at respective enterprises to ensure effective relay of KPI and advancement and consolidation of the performance culture. In hospital management, for example, the superintendent responsibility system under the leadership of the Board of Directors of the hospital is adopted. Each year, the Board of Directors of the hospital reviews and activates amendment of mid-term to long-term strategic plans of the hospital, deliberates on the annual operation and development goals for the hospital, and confirms the superintendent performance rating proposal. Apart from financial results, among performance rating indicators, the enterprises pay more attention to patient and employee satisfaction, medical quality and safety, medical characteristics, service process flows, talent cultivation, employee development, etc. For medical liability incidents, the one-vote-down system is adopted. Efforts are made to ensure that operation of the hospital is not meant to pursue short-term interest. Instead, it is focused on long-term, sustainable, and benign developments that answer to the social and community charity nature of the hospital. Department-based normal distribution is enforced on the performance results of employees at Fosun Pharma. With reference to the 360-Degree Feedback System, it is meant to tailor personalized enhancement and improvement solutions for each of the employees in order to enhance their specific performance and capabilities. In 2015, senior management team of Fosun Pharma also carried out a compressive assessment of the Group’s annual results attainment level following the principle of normal distribution, so as to facilitate better management improvement and achieve the overall corporation performance goals.




Long-term Incentives

Fosun Pharma values “mobilizing people with a career”. The Company has established an incentive system to share development accomplishment with all employees so that they can feel a sense of success while working for the Company and be willing to devote themselves to helping the Company grow over the long term. Currently, the framework of a long-term incentive system at Fosun Pharma Group was formed preliminarily based on the properties in the Group’s business development, including the “Long-term Incentive Solution for Management”, “Incentive Stock Incentive Solution”, “R&D System Incentive Solution”, “Incentive Solution for Strategic Investment Items”, and “Incentive Solution for Pre-IPO Investment Items”. Constantly perfected, the long-term incentive system of Fosun Pharma Group realizes the strategic support and innovation in terms of business development. Since it was established in 2007, the system mentioned above has been practiced by the management over the years. The current compensation and incentive system of Fosun Pharma effectively supports investment and operation strategies and comprehensively covers the Company and individual subsidiaries to successfully facilitate the fulfillment of long-term performance goals by the Company and its subsidiaries. It has also helped inspire and retain talent management goals. In addition to enhancing R&D quality and efficiency, it also promotes and stimulates the incentive of the employees.