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Training & Development

Our talent management strategy is to “pursue, harmonize and integrate personal achievement with the development of the enterprise”, where correlation between the development of each and every employee and the enterprise is maximized, and the increase in value of the enterprise and the employee is highly integrated.

  • The Training System of Fosun Pharma

    In 2015, the Group continued to further develop drugs, medical devices, innovative research and development of medical diagnostic technology and manufacturing. Meanwhile, the Company also actively developed high-quality medical service area, optimized the integration and transformation of drug distribution and retail pro-actively, and participated in mobile medical area. With the rapid development of business, the courses have become broader (multi-themes), lighter (short lessons), and more flexible (interaction in mobile phone), so we can easily cover more targeted groups. They can attract people from different companies, positions and levels to pro-actively enroll and participate.

    In 2015, the training system of Fosun Pharma continued to take root in its culture. We have four series of training courses/programs, namely “New Employee/Company Series”, “Leadership Development Series”, “Professional/Functional Series” and “Common Skill Series”.

  • New Employee/Company Series

    Fosun Pharma provides informative orientation to newly-join employees and continues to care about their work and life within two months since the Day 1, to help newcomers better integrate into Fosun Pharma’s family. In 2015, we design and implement the “The First 60 Days”. We organize the 7-day training camp for fresh graduates. We also host the Summer Camp-“Future Entrepreneur”.

    Training Feedback

    A habit is useless if you don’t put it into practice. It takes one about 30 days to develop a habit, so in the future work, I will try my best to practice these working habits (listening and retelling in simple language, expressing views in a simple and logic way, observing and summarizing, reviewing regularly, keeping smiling and daring to bear responsibility). I hope these good habits can help me make contribution to work.

    ——Fosun Pharma Fu Zihan

    Through the career planning education included in the training, I knew my own characteristics, interests and values from a totally different angle, and I further understood what I want, what I can do, and what I should do in the future career. What’s more, I am less confused and more confident at the new life starting line.

    ——Fosun Med-Tech Lu Shanling

    What is a team? Man’s thought plus ants’ cooperation equals a team. When a team has a task, the first thing to do is to collect intelligence and decide a relatively optimal plan. When the plan is made, the team should be like a group of ants to methodically carry it out under clear division.

    ——Chemo Biopharm Bie Xiaoying

  • Leadership Development Series

    We provide management and leadership program to those experienced and senior talents, which will accelerate the development of managers and leaders and reserve excellent talents for the whole company. In 2015, we initiated the “Fosun Pharma Star Program” for our management trainees. Through regular meet-ups, mobile learning tools, mentorship, and action learning, we created an atmosphere for the young talents to be passionate, conduct brainstorm, collect intelligence, and grow together.

  • Professional/Functional Series

    A combination of courses and programs were designed to meet the development needs of target groups in different functions, which helped to cultivate systematicness and depth of those professionals. In 2015, each function pro-actively participated into all kinds of learning activities, especially through visiting external benchmarking companies. This was proven to be effective in learning and leveraging knowledge and experience, like Internet talents’ visit to Huawei, HR talents’ visits to Tencent and Baidu.

  • Common Skill Series

    The New staff genuinely cared about their self-improvement, so we organized a wide variety of common skill courses. The participants were mostly from affiliated companies. What’s more, several courses were also conducted within the Company. In 2015, we developed a new group of internal lecturers and added many courses. Meanwhile, we pro-actively recommended some of the excellent internal trainers to our affiliated companies.

  • Corporate Culture

    Through various activities, the corporate culture of “Fosun” was everywhere. In 2015, activities were launched, such as a reading month, birthday celebrations, “Run, Fosun Pharma”, the New Year climb relay and retired workers gathering.