We treat every employee with sincerity and justice, care about employees’ work, learning and health and make efforts to build the overall cultural atmosphere in line with the enterprise features of Fosun Pharma.

Corp Culture

The corporate spirit of Fosun Pharma: “self-improvement, teamwork, performance and contribution to society”

Fosun Pharma’s enterprise spirit is “self-improvement, teamwork, performance and contribution to society”. Fosun Pharma has always closely linked personal progress (self-improvement), dealing with surrounding social relations and environment (teamwork), enterprise success (performance) and return for society, contribution to motherland (contribution to society) together. Closely linking personal achievement, contribution to society and the struggle for national prosperity together all the time isn’t a slogan, but a value system that requests all employees to follow and recognize.

Fosun Pharma stresses multicultural integration and overall achievements of teams, respects the multicultural backgrounds of various enterprises and emphasizes the construction of mutual trust and support in an open way via internal honesty and cooperation with each other to enable teams to play their composite role.

The Corp Culture Working Committee was established in Fosun Pharma Group. As an inter-departmental coordination organization to instruct and help subsidiaries of Fosun Pharma Group in establishing the corporate culture with consistent core values, it establishes corporate culture publicity teams to deeply assist in internal communication through various management-month activities, such as rich employee activities, environmental protection and quality promotion. By making employees accept and integrate corporate culture, we can promote the Company’s harmonious development and enhance its competitiveness.