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Fosun Medical is a health service industry platform supported by comprehensive and specialized medical care. Since 2010, the Group completed a strategic deployment of healthcare services in specialty and general hospitals with the Pearl River Delta Greater Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta, Huaihai Economic Zone and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone being the regional focus for healthcare services.

  Fosun Medical adheres to the concept of “caring for life and protecting health” and always insists on the supremacy of patients’ interests. By providing customers with world-class quality professional technology, innovative services and health management, Fosun Medical is committed to making the medical industry more respectable, making every family healthy and worry-free, and striving to become an industry leader in serving global family health.

  By the end of 2020, more than 10 medical service institutions controlled by Fosun Pharma Group had approved a total of 4,610 beds available for the public.

As a non-public medical institution, the Group has been adhering to the guideline of ‘‘focusing on disciplined construction, creating quality medical services’’ throughout the years. By integrating the specialty resources of its hospitals, it has established 12 major specialty alliances, while many of its controlling hospitals have completed the achievement of key specialties at a municipal level and provincial level, in their regions.

High-end Medical

Shanghai Zhuoerhui Clinic
Beijing Xingyi Clinic

General Medical

Tertiary General Hospitals
Foshan Chancheng Hospital (3A)
Shenzhen Hengsheng Hospital

Secondary general hospital

Suqian Zhongwu Hospital (2A)
Yueyang Guangji Hospital (2A)
Wuhan Jihe Hospital
Zhuhai Chancheng Hospital

Specialty Medical

Tertiary Specialty Hospitals
Chongqing Xingrong Plastic Surgery Hospital
Anhui Jimin Cancer Hospital

Secondary Specialist Hospitals

Wenzhou Geriatrics Hospital
Suqian Rehabilitation Hospital

Regional Medical Centers

Huaihai Medical Group: State-owned enterprise mixed restructuring hospital template, large-scale regional medical platform

Third-party Clinical Laboratories

Qilu Clinical Laboratory

In addition, the Group proactively developed new medical services and products based on the Internet and constructed a service network from communities to hospitals. Foshan Chancheng Hospital, Hengsheng Hospital, Suqian Zhongwu Hospital and Wenzhou Geriatric Hospital obtained their respective internet hospital license, and will continue to explore and participate into the new Internet medical industry to achieve a closed loop of online and offline services.


Joint-venture Enterprise

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