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Chancheng District Central Hospital of Foshan City

Foshan Chancheng Central Hospital, called “Chan Yi” for short, was founded in 1958 and is a national  comprehensive  third-grade class-A hospital that integrates medical treatment, nursing, first aid, recovery, prevention, healthcare, scientific research and teaching.

Affiliated indirectly to Guangdong Medical College, it is an enterprise post-doctoral workstation and a training base for the postgraduates from Jinan University and Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.It is ranked in the top three among the non-public hospitals in China in terms of competitiveness , the second in Guangdong and the first in Foshan among the large, comprehensive hospitals under the provincial Health and Family Planning Commission in terms of public satisfaction. It has 1,200 beds and a staff of over 1,700. In 2015, it treats more than 2,470,000 outpatients and up to 43,000 inpatients.  It has numerous teams of experts with backgrounds of having studied at home or abroad and is equipped with a large amount of world-class medical equipment. What’s more, its environment is very pleasant for fusing elements from Eastern Zen.

Owing to its professional strength which has accumulated for many years, Chan Yi’s medical skills, volume of business and brand enjoy a high reputation in the medical industry. Three departments in the hospital, which are the Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Spine, Joint and Pain, the Urological Department  and the Maternal and Child  Center, have long been hailed as “three most important departments of Chan Yi” and are well-known to the public. Now, the development of the Cardiology Department, the Cerebral Department and the Anti-aging Department ( the “Zen Nourishment” Anti-aging Medical Center), which are the “new three most important departments of Chan Yi”, is the hospital’s priority. Besides, some other departments, including the Digestive Center, the ENT Department and the Mammary Gland Department, have become a brand in Foshan and even in Guangdong Province. Furthermore, the Tumor Prevention and Treatment Center of Academician, which is headed by academician Sun Yan, China’s pioneer and founding father of oncology, stresses the importance of the early prevention of tumors. Besides, national engineering research center “the Research Center of Tumor Immunity” has been established in Chan Yi. It helps to make Chan Yi lead the way and generate a positive spillover effect in the filed of tumor prevention and treatment in Foshan and the diagnosis and treatment of precision medicine with the cooperation of "Chan Yi• KingMed Diagnostics Molecular Pathology Laboratory".

In 2013, as part of its strategies, it joined with Fosun Pharma as its flagship hospital of medical treatment and an important link of its “Large Health Strategy”. Externally, it cooperates with Mayo Clinic in the U.S to establish International Medical Center, and internally, it collaborates with Yong An Insurance, a subsidiary company of Fosun, to bring about a new operational model which integrates “medical treatment, insurance and health management”. In accordance with its core values of “Credibility, Integrity, Benevolence, Tolerance, Diligence and Excellence”, brand philosophy of “Chan (Zen) cultivate the mind, Yi (Medicine) save lives.” and service philosophy of “Kind, Appropriate, Attentive and Professional", Chan Yi concentrates its efforts on the creation of closed-loop services of a whole industry chain including medical treatment, health, recovery, old-age care and insurance to satisfy people’s health needs from birth to old age; besides, during its process of developing into an international well-known hospital, Chan Yi is trying every effort to draw “the best doctors, the best insurance and the best hospital resources” worldwide, in order to provide high-quality medical services and health care for people in all walks of life in society. 


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