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In 2003, Fosun Pharma jointly established Sinopharm with the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation. Sinopharm is China’s largest pharmaceutical and health care products distributor and leading supply chain service provider.

In 2020, Sinopharm realized revenue of RMB456,415 million, net profit of RMB12,097 million and net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent of RMB7,187 million, represented an increase of 7.32%, 13.91% and 14.95% as compared to last year, respectively.

In respect of the pharmaceutical distribution sector, Sinopharm adapted to the industry trend, further tapped into the scale advantages in the distribution network of healthcare institutions at different levels, enhanced the intensive operation capability, and actively undertook the market share of related products under bulk procurement. In 2020, Sinopharm’s revenue from the pharmaceutical distribution business increased by 3.25% year-on-year to RMB348,294 million.

In respect of retail pharmacy, Sinopharm comprehensively promoted the integrated development of online and offline businesses, continuously optimized its network coverage, and continued to strengthen its regional competitive advantages.

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