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Combining China’s Growth Momentum with Global Resource

The Company is rooted in China, has the ability to integrate the global industries and is committed to becoming a first-tier enterprise in the global mainstream pharmaceutical and healthcare market

Fosun Pharma combines China’s growth momentum with worldwide resources to actively seek M&A opportunities globally focusing on innovation and international development by relying on its existing footprint, marketing network and M&A knowhow. The idea is to operate internationally across R&D, manufacturing, marketing, operation, HR, and capital through a strategy that pursues “organic growth, external expansion and integrated development”.

Fosun Pharma continued to facilitate the industrial upgrade of pharmaceutical manufacturing business, has formed 5,000 people's domestic and foreign marketing team, including more than 1,000 people's overseas marketing team.

Tridem Pharma

The third largest pharmaceutical distribution and promotion company in French-speaking Africa

Owns mature sales network and upstream and downstream resources of clients and customers in French-speaking African countries

The acquisition of Gland Pharma promotes Fosun Pharma’s development by upgrading its drug manufacturing business, accelerating the internationalization process and enhancing Fosun Pharma’s market share in the injectables market.
Gland Pharma is a leading Indian pure-play generic injectable pharmaceutical products company

R&D capabilities

International drug registration capabilities

Indian market's unique advantages on the generic drugs policy and cost advantage

FOSUN PHARMA promote internationalization of member companies, encourage corporate participate cGMP certifications including U.S. EU, WHO and etc.. More than 10 APIs of Fosun Pharma received cGMP certifications from healthcare authorities including the U.S. FDA, the EU, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan and Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health. 1 oral solid formulation, 3 injectable formulations and 5 APIs of Guilin Pharma are approved by WHO PQ, Yao Pharma’s oral solid formulation passed GMP inspection from Health Canada and U.S.FDA, and several products selling in international.