Fosun Pharma has incorporated social responsibility into its long-term business strategy. With a grateful gratitude, Fosun Pharma has been endeavoring to meet the expectations of society, the government, its employees and shareholders throughout its business development.

Social Responsibility Report

The “FUTURE STAR” Community Charity System

Fosun Pharma will adhere to "The sustainable development of talents and products" public welfare philosophy and commit to shape high-quality public welfare program. The company jointly cooperates with Fosun Foundation to create “FUTURE STAR” program of Fosun Pharma in an all-round way, to promote the brand reputation of Fosun Pharma and Fosun Foundation, driving the business development.

Volunteer Service

Since its establishment in 2010, through public welfare service platform provided by enterprises which aligns with various resources of Fosun Pharma, it is committed to carrying out many charitable activities with respect to environmental protection, aids, support to education, health services, etc., in a way to actively assume social responsibility, guide and drive employees of Fosun Pharma to participate in public welfare undertakings, and to serve the community.
In 2017, we invested over RMB9.39 million to poverty alleviation according to corporate strategy

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Fosun Pharma Group actively responded to and facilitated the implementation of the Central Government’s decision and plan of “targeted poverty alleviation and elimination” by fully utilizing its advantages in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and adopting various measures. Currently, Fosun Pharma Group carried out targeted poverty alleviation mainly through industry development, education, healthcare, basic support and society poverty alleviation, and achieve certain results.

Aid to Africa in the Fight against Malaria

Over the past six years, Guilin Pharma has provided over 100 million Artesunate to malaria endemic areas all over the world, which saved over 20 million lives (most of which are African children under five years old). With this product, the Group proactively cooperates with the Chinese government in aiding African countries in the fight against malaria. Since 2006, it has undertaken more than a hundred aid projects to Africa under the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, benefiting more than 30 countries. Since 2015, Fosun Pharma has continuing to promote the “Malaria Prevention Promotion” project, enhanced the public awareness on infectious disease prevention and helped to improve the local community’s public health environment in Africa. The project was unanimously praised by many health authorities in African countries. Fosun Pharma launched two “eCME multimedia online medication training” program launched jointly with exceptionally well-recognized experts in malaria prevention and control. This provided online interactive mode for health care professionals in Africa to promote the local medical advancement in Africa.