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Our Vision

Dedicate to become a first-tier enterprise in the global mainstream pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

Our Mission

Better Health for Families Worldwide.

Our Ideology

Innovation for Good Health

Our pursuit of innovation never stops. From original invention to technical improvement, we enable lives to enjoy good health.

Our Value

Care For Life, Continuous Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence and Win-Win Cooperation

  • Care For Life

    We respect life, provide safe, convenient and high-quality health products and services and strive to improve the quality of human life.

    We cherish the individual living environment and improve the public health and environment with the idea of sustainable development.

    We continue to fulfill the commitment of a corporate citizen, continuously innovate and practice the concept of sustainable development and actively bear the responsibility of a corporate citizen.

  • Continuous Innovation

    We adhere to accurate innovation and R&D and bring new possibilities for the public health through the original breakthrough and the improvement of application technology.

    We gather global R&D resource to create an international R&D platform by grasping the latest R&D trends with a forward-looking vision.

    We innovate management model and mechanism and continue to improve the overall efficiency of cooperate operations to become a continuously evolving wise life.

  • Pursuit of Excellence

    We adhere to the quality coming first, build up a production, management and service system that meets international standards, constantly improve the manufacturing process and optimize the service experience to provide high-quality products and services.

    We respect the development law of the industry and continue to improve R&D and management ability to constantly pursue breakthrough and excellence.

  • Sustainable Partnership

    We adhere to the dream of entrepreneurship, advocate the spirit of entrepreneurship, promote the teamwork culture and constantly promote the evolution and growth of the organization.

    We interconnect industry resources, promote the integration, create value and share development.

    We are committed to building a harmonious and healthy business environment with excellent business partners, creating long-term value for employees, customers, shareholders and society and promoting the sustainable development of the industry.