Fosun Pharma always regard independent innovation as the driving force for enterprise development . It continuously optimizes its pharmaceutical R&D system that integrates imitation and innovation by increasing investment in the four R&D platforms, establishes an efficient R&D platform in areas of innovative small molecule drugs, macromolecular biological drugs, high-value generic drugs and special fomulation technology, promoting the construction of innovation system, enhances R&D capabilities, launches new products to market, and strengthens its core competitiveness of the Group.

The Group owns National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, and has established efficient international R&D teams in Shanghai, Chongqing, the United States and Taiwan. In order to leverage its competitive strengths, the Group focused its R&D on therapeutic areas including metabolism and digestive system, cardiovascular system, blood system, central nervous system, anti-infection and anti-tumor, and the major products have gained leading positions in their respective market segments. Meanwhile, the Group creatively integrated domestic and international resources to sustainably enhance its R&D capabilities through strategic alliance, project cooperation, the establishment of joint-venture companies and other methods the Group conducted diversified innovative researches and continuously increased its R&D capability. In cooperation with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Fosun Pharma Chinese Medicine Technology Innovation Fund was established to build an innovative Chinese medicine R&D platform via school-industry cooperation; the strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica so as to build the Industry-university-research cooperation and accelerate the transformation of technological achievements.


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