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Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 01099.HK)

Fosun founded Sinopharm Group jointly with China National Pharmaceutical Group in 2003. Sinopharm Group is the largest distributor of medicine and healthcare products and the leading provider of supply chain services in China, and owns the largest pharmacy retailing system in China. Sinopharm Group in Hong Kong in 2009. Fosun Pharma and Sinopharm Group finished the integration of pharmaceutical distribution and retailing business including Fosun Pharmaceutical Group, For Me Pharmacy and Golden Elephant Pharmacy and the optimization of resource allocation in 2014. At present, Fosun Pharma holds 27.83% of stock rights of Sinopharm Group and obtains four non-independent director seats out of nine. Fosun Pharma benefits from a wide range of distribution channels, a good industry reputation and a complete logistics service system of Sinopharm Group, continues to share its synergy effect on the distribution channels of Sinopharm Group, and promotes the growth of company business.

Cooperate and Develop New Business Models with Guahao.Com

In 2015, Fosun Pharma signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guahao Network (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guahao.com”), and pursuant to which both parties shall make full use of respective advantages and resources to carry out in-depth cooperation.
The cooperation in the fields of pharmaceutical e-commerce and medical services herein is the focus of both parties. Guahao.com is a large Internet medical platform for Chinese users covering 1,420 hospitals, 150,000 specialists and more than 82 million ID-based patients, and the total amount of appointment registration requests reached 200 million in 2015.

Joint-venture Enterprise

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