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Combining China’s Growth Momentum with Global Resource

The Company is rooted in China, has the ability to integrate the global industries and is committed to becoming a first-tier enterprise in the global mainstream pharmaceutical and healthcare market

Relying on its strength of well-established industry foundation, distribution network and investment experience, Fosun Pharma Group utilizes high quality capital, talents, brands and technologies around the globe to achieve all-round internationalization in products, markets, planning and operation, talents, capital and branding by following the business strategy of “organic growth with external expansion and integrated business operation”.

To bring in high-caliber scientists team from developed countries such as the United States, and carry out R&D in Shanghai, Chongqing, the United States and Taiwan simultaneously

To export the Artesunate series drugs in developing countries

To market biopharmaceutical generic drugs in China, and export chemical generic drugs and biopharmaceutical generic drugs to emerging and mature markets

To build up capabilities for the marketing of innovative drugs to global markets

To establish the global presence and operational capability for medical devices

To build up capability for integrating global healthcare resources

The Group has 13 kinds of bulk drugs certified by GMP from FDA of USA, the EU, Ministry of Health of Japan, Health Bureau of Germany and other national health authorities. Guilin Pharma has 1 production line of oral solid dosage, 4 production lines of injection dosage and 2 production lines of bulk drugs, all of which passed the WHO-PQ certification. Yao Pharma has 1 production line of oral solid dosage, which passed the certification test of Health Department of Canada and FDA of USA.