Fosun Pharma has incorporated social responsibility into its long-term business strategy. With a grateful gratitude, Fosun Pharma has been endeavoring to meet the expectations of society, the government, its employees and shareholders throughout its business development.

Social Responsibility Report

Support Education——”FUTURE STAR” community

As an example of the successful university student entrepreneurs, Fosun Pharma has been actively supporting education. Fosun Pharma started “FUTURE STAR” community in 2010, an important part of its strategic development, hoping to assist more talented people to succeed and become bright stars in the future.


The volunteer teams of Fosun Pharma actively participate in welfare activities and serve the people, fully embodying the Fosun Pharma’s corporate culture of thanking and repaying the society.

Make Donations to Help the Poor

Making donations is one of the most direct ways of expressing Fosun Pharma’s corporate responsibility and love. Fosun Pharma along with its subsidiaries has been proactively participating in community charity activities to demonstrate their love to the neediest people in society.

Aid to Africa in the Fight against Malaria ——Aid to Africa with “Artesunate”

In 2010, Fosun Pharma executed 11 drug projects to aid Africa in the fight against malarial, providing Mozambique, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Central Africa, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Liberia, Ghana, Mauritania, Gabon and other countries in Africa with anti-malaria drugs worthy of RMB 17 million for nearly 1.7 million people. In 2010 April, we visited Central Africa, Chad, Benin, Gabon, Liberia with the Ministry of Commerce, providing the Business Departments of the Chinese embassies in the five countries with anti-malaria drugs and malaria rapid diagnostic reagents for 2,000 persons.